Qaddafi's New Photos - Delayed?

Ever since Qaddafi and his supporters like IAC and ANSWER have been screaming about "massive civilian causalities" that they claim have been caused by NATO bombs, many who support the Libyan people's struggle to overthrow the dictatorship have been saying "Show us the pictures."

Even the bomb damage film that Cynthia McKinney has been showing on her national "Brother Qaddafi" tour was notable for its lack of footage of women and children. All the dead and wounded appeared to be men of military age. I said here that the only reason they didn't show them was that they didn't have them.

So no sooner than my pro-Qaddafi friend LB received an email from Jeunesse D'Afrique, MEDEN SWEHELI, 10458 Tripoli, GREAT LIBYAN PEOPLE'S ARAB SOCIALIST JAMAHIRIYA with it's collection of 50 Ci-joint, les images des bombardements de l'OTAN sur la Libye [Attached images of the NATO bombing of Libya] that he forwarded them it to me with the added note,

A graphic-but-true picture of the results of US/NATO "humanitarian bombing campaign." Put that on your blog

Of course I downloaded the zip archive of them and had a look see. It was pretty gruesome stuff, war causalities usually are. 50 images with no descriptions, even the file names didn't give a clue, they were numbers. Still they did appear to show a picture of damage and death in Libya much greater than I've witnessed in my blog here. If this was being caused by the NATO air strikes, it would go along ways towards validating the Qaddafi regimes claims of war crimes perpetrated by NATO.

Since I'm a technical guy, I hoped to learn something about the photos by reading the EXIF data that all modern digital cameras embed in the JPEG file and most modern photo software will preserve, if you want it to, as you manipulate the photo.

Of course there is also software are will remove or replace EXIF data so even when that data exists it doesn't necessarily prove anything if the data might have been changed but that would require very specific counterfeiting techniques.

At a minimum, I would expect the EXIF data to tell me the time and date the image was taken and the type of camera that was used to take it. For example, when I run the Linux exif command line utility against a picture file generated by my Canon camera, I get:

cjc@home:/Server/vol3/LA MENA protests/Jan30$ exif IMG_8546.JPG
EXIF tags in 'IMG_8546.JPG' ('Intel' byte order):
Tag |Value
Manufacturer |Canon
Model |Canon PowerShot S3 IS
Orientation |top - left
x-Resolution |180.00
y-Resolution |180.00
Resolution Unit |Inch
Date and Time |2011:01:30 04:08:17
YCbCr Positioning |centered
Compression |JPEG compression
x-Resolution |180.00
y-Resolution |180.00
Resolution Unit |Inch
Exposure Time |1/1600 sec.
FNumber |f/3.5
Exif Version |Exif Version 2.2
Date and Time (origi|2011:01:30 04:08:17
Date and Time (digit|2011:01:30 04:08:17
Components Configura|Y Cb Cr -
Compressed Bits per |3.00
Shutter speed |10.66 EV (1/1613 sec.)
Aperture |3.62 EV (f/3.5)
Exposure Bias |0.00 EV
Maximum Aperture Val|2.88 EV (f/2.7)
Metering Mode |Pattern
Flash |Internal error (unknown value 80)
Focal Length |6.0 mm
Maker Note |1830 bytes undefined data
User Comment
FlashPixVersion |FlashPix Version 1.0
Color Space |sRGB
PixelXDimension |640
PixelYDimension |480
Focal Plane x-Resolu|2844.44
Focal Plane y-Resolu|2840.24
Focal Plane Resoluti|Inch
Sensing Method |One-chip color area sensor
File Source |DSC
Custom Rendered |Normal process
Exposure Mode |Auto exposure
White Balance |Auto white balance
Digital Zoom Ratio |1.00
Scene Capture Type |Standard
Interoperability Ind|R98
Interoperability Ver|0100
RelatedImageWidth |640
RelatedImageLength |480
EXIF data contains a thumbnail (4177 bytes).

And when I run it against a screen shot captured in by video editing program, I get this:

cjc@home:/Server/vol3/jun17$ exif Gaddafi_TV-634.jpg
EXIF tags in 'Gaddafi_TV-634.jpg' ('Motorola' byte order):
Tag |Value
Software |Adobe Premiere Pro 5.0
Date and Time |2011:06:26 17:57:08
x-Resolution |72.00
y-Resolution |72.00
Resolution Unit |Inch
SubsecTime |00121
Exif Version |Exif Version 2.1
FlashPixVersion |FlashPix Version 1.0
Color Space |Internal error (unknown value 65535)

However, when I used the same tool to examine the photos fresh from Qaddafi's Tripoli, this is what I got, over and over, for every one of the fifty image files:

cjc@home:/Server/vol3/Libya/LB_pixs$ exif nato.jpg
Corrupt data
The data provided does not follow the specification.
ExifLoader: The data supplied does not seem to contain EXIF data.
cjc@home:/Server/vol3/Libya/LB_pixs$ exif nato1.jpg
Corrupt data
The data provided does not follow the specification.
ExifLoader: The data supplied does not seem to contain EXIF data.
cjc@home:/Server/vol3/Libya/LB_pixs$ exif *.jpg
Corrupt data
The data provided does not follow the specification.
ExifLoader: The data supplied does not seem to contain EXIF data.
cjc@home:/Server/vol3/Libya/LB_pixs$ exif 209847_118505458231768_118504744898506_161194_1863345_o.jpg
Corrupt data
The data provided does not follow the specification.
ExifLoader: The data supplied does not seem to contain EXIF data.
cjc@home:/Server/vol3/Libya/LB_pixs$ exif 1111111111111111.jpg
Corrupt data
The data provided does not follow the specification.
ExifLoader: The data supplied does not seem to contain EXIF data.

So I replied to LB: Nice try, but I wasn't going to post these photos to my dairy when I couldn't authenticate the first thing about them and especially when each and every one of them had corrupt or removed embedded EXIF data. I explained that this data was normally expected and especially important when the photos are to be offered as proof of anything.

I asked him why that data wasn't there and he said that I should put my question to Jeunesse D'Afrique, Secretary General of MDPR, Tripoli, GREAT LIBYAN PEOPLE'S ARAB SOCIALIST JAMAHIRIYA. This I also did in an email on Sunday. Now, I have been told by reliable sources that the only people with Internet access in Tripoli are Qaddafi's people but I don't think that will be a problem for Jeunesse.

I have yet to hear back from him. He might be busy Photoshopping a new batch. At any rate I have changed my mind and decided to publish the photos anyway, at least in the thumbnail collage below because I wanted to tell this story and because these photos or something like them, probably with something reasonable in terms of replacement EXIF data, may be making the rounds soon as "proof" of NATO civilian causalities in Libya.

Suspect images from Qaddafi's Tripoli

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