The Syrian Revolution, 30 videos about

The Syrian Revolution,  Volume 1
The Syrian Revolution,  Volume 1Syrian Mass Protests

Mass Protests
06-30-12 Damascus Amazing protests in support of Zamalka and Douma
06-25-12 Daraya, Damascus The Brave Continue to Call for Freedom
06-29-12 Saraqib, Idlib Friday of We Are Confident of Victory - Free Syria
06-24-12 Damascus Large Demonstration We Are Coming For You Bashar
06-29-12 Minbaj, Aleppo Evening Protest Demanding Freedom
06-30-12 Idlib Standing in Solidarity With Douma
07-28-12 Al-Sha ar, Aleppo FSA soldiers surrounded by protesters - Free Syria

06-28-12 Only One Male Surivives as Regime Slaughters Touma Family
08-26-12 Darayya, Damascus Martyrs from Regime Massacre Buried
07-02-12 Douma Damascus suburb Huge destruction after days of bombing
07-30-12 Telbeesah Homs Regime Shelling Destroys Home
08-01-12 Artouz Massacre - Maher Army Executes Townspeople Door to Door
07-27-12 Extremely Graphic Aleppo Terrible massacre by regime forces

07-29-12 Idlib More defections join FSA
Captured Syrian soldier defects to opposition
James Bays comments on Syrian defections
Anita McNaught reports on defection of Syrian officers to Turkey
07-29-12 Damascus Suburbs More Defections Todaye

Civil War
07-27-12 Marja District, Assad Army Shells Aleppo Children
07-04-12 Douma, Damascus suburb Assad tank hit by Free Syrian Army
07-29-12 Haretan, Aleppo Military Planes Flying Over The City
Clashes in Idlib as FSA Mountain Martyrs Brigade Defends Jebl Al Zawia
07-30-12 Aleppo - FSA Reinforcements Enter Saladin Neighborhood
Anita McNaught reports on Syria's downing of Turkish jet
Are Chemical Weapons Being Used in Syria
A citizen journalist interviews some of the FSA soldiers - English
08-15-12 MiG warplanes shell residential areas of Dumayr - English Subtitles
Unable to be retrieved bodies because of sniper presence - English Subtitles
08-15-12 Aleppo Recovering bodies from a massacre in Azzaz - English

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