The Worm Has Turned: Good Film on Libyan Revolution from PressTV

This is one of the best films on the Libyan Revolution I have seen anywhere. It starts with the great legacy of Omar Mukhtar. It goes through the 1969 Qaddafi coup, has a good segment on the 1996 prison massacre and shows how that lead to the uprising in February. It shows how the peaceful protesters in Benghazi were attacked by Qaddafi's mercenaries and shows graphically they why they were forced to go over to armed struggle and ends with the story of Mehdi Ziu who gave his life to blast a hole in the Qaddafi fort that helped the people of Benghazi to take it and create the first liberated area in eastern Libya. I highly recommended this 23 minute documentary as a basic introduction to the Libyan revolution.

The film is by British documentary filmmaker Hassan Alkatib. What is most interesting is that it is brought to us by PressTV.

If you don't know who Omar Mukhtar, Hassan Alkatib and Mehdi Ziu are, you need to watch this short film.
Benghazi: The Uprising