What is a Severe Conservative?

I believe this is my first ever diary addressed to conservatives, and so accordingly, and knowing your attention span, I will keep it brief.

In fact, I'll get straight to the point. You do realise that when Mitt Romney described himself as "severely conservative' he was telling you that he really doesn't like conservatives don't you?

Nobody describes Venice Beach @ 85 degrees and blue skies as having "severe weather." People don't want severe weather, severe colds or severe anything. Nobody describes things they like as severe no matter how great, amazing or fantastic they are. Severe is an adjective used to describe negative things that are really bad. Look it up:

se·vere /səˈvi(ə)r/ Adjective: 1. (of something bad or undesirable) Very great; intense: "a severe shortage of technicians".

Google definition (hence the example)

Thanks to Hunter's DailyKos dairy on Mitt Romney at CPAC, we know that the severe conservative remark wasn't in the prepared speech. It was something that just "popped into his head" on the fly.

So what do you think he let slip? What do you think he was really telling you?

As for the rest of us, I think he was signalling to his 1% buddies that he is the guy ready and willing to really stick it to us with whatever austerity program they decide is needed to bail them out of this mess.

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