Customer Service

Customer Service is #1 Service is No. 1 with us

Linux Beach strives to offer excellent customer service, which includes a quality and welcoming staff and tools and information designed to improve your quality of life. Successful customer service connects customers to what they need, but also leaves them satisfied and happy and eager to return again to Linux Beach because they feel that this
website is the ideal place to fulfill their needs. 

Linux Beach provides friendly, efficient and accurate service to all patrons at all times. It is important to keep in mind that the patron is the customer to whom the staff is ultimately responsible. 

The Customer Service Policy of Linux Beach is the foundation for all staff interactions with the general public. All
other policies should be interpreted in light of the principles outlined below: 

      • Linux Beach does not discriminate and offers the same quality of service to all regardless of age, race, sex,
      • nationality, educational background, physical limitations or any other criteria. 
      • Customers are to be treated politely, promptly, and with helpful attention. 
      • Judgment calls are to be made in the customer's favor. If a mistake is made, it should always be to the customer's advantage.  
      • If we are unable to comply with a request the customer will be offered an alternative.
      • We will make every efforts to satisfy you with our service.