Linux Beach Bike Lights

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WLED, the best firmware for controlling individually-addressable RGBIC LEDs, is now available in a controller designed for use on bicycles.

LED Bike @ Blues Brothers on the Pier, Venice Beach, CA


Because they rotate, wheel lights must operated as electrically isolated systems from lights on the frame and each other. So, the typical LED setup for a bicycle requires 3 separate systems or nodes of RGBIC LED strip, controller, and battery. One for each wheel, and one for the frame. Our standard offering is a group of three controllers, two follower controllers for the wheels, and a leader controller for the frame. A unique feature of our system is that all three controllers are synchronized via WiFi and controllable over WiFi from your smart phone, or any other device with WiFi and a web browser. There is also a button on the frame controller that allows limited control without using the web app. 

In addition to the basic Control Freak System, there is a Sound Responsive System. This gives us a catalog of four controller types, leader and follower for both basic and audio aware systems.

Features common to all Control Freak controllers:

  • WiFi sync between controllers and WiFi control via Iphone, Android, or Web app.
  • Support for 5VDC WS2812B, WS2813, and SK6812 RGBIC LED Strips.
  • Small module designed to be easily mounted between the spokes or on the frame.
  • Power-in via USB Type A male connector—designed to plug directly into USB power pack.
  • 1000 μF Buffer Capacitor 
  • Output via JST SM 3 pin male connector for WS2812B, WS2813, SK6812 LED Strip.
  • More than 50 Color palettes, plus custom color creation.
  • More than 100 Special Effects including FastLED noise effects 
  • Color palettes can be applied to most Effect, creating an almost unlimited variety.
  • Up to 250 user presets can save Effects/Color combinations for easy call-back, also supports cycling  through presets.
  • Up to 600 pixels per controller. Each LED strip and be divided into Segments. Each Segment can be set to Mirror or Reverse independently. Each Segment can have its Color and Effects set independently.
  • User settable current limit extends battery limit by capping brightest effects.

Control Freak is available in four models divided into two groups:

Group 1: Control Freak Standard

Utilizes a ESP8266EX Microcontroller, with single-core 180MHz CPU, 4MB, WiFi, USB

  1. LBCF-F: Follower Controller, no button—designed to work with Lead Controller, usually used in wheels.
  2. LBCF-L: Lead Controller, has push button for limited local control.

Group 2: Control Freak Sound Responsive

Utilizes a ESP32 Microcontroller, with dual-core 240MHz CPU, 4MB, WiFi, USB

  1. LBCF-FA: Follower Controller, no button—designed to work with Lead Controller, usually used in wheels.
  2. LBCF-LA: Lead Controller, has microphone and, push button for limited local control.

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